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You do business with Scandinavia, but you are running into a language barrier. You have the right documentation, but not in the Scandinavian language. This means you’re unable to provide a full service to your customers. You need help. I can connect you to Scandinavia with advice and, of course, with the translations you need.

I am pleased to translate your commercial text to help you on your journey across the bridge. The bridge to Scandinavia.

I offer the following translation services:

Swedish - Dutch

Norwegian - Dutch

Danish - Dutch

Dutch/English - Swedish

Dutch/English - Danish

Dutch/English - Norwegian

Are you looking for sworn translation services or do you have an assignment with the Finnish language? Ask me for more information.

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About Marit

Scandinavia stole my heart. I love the feeling of tranquility and wide-open spaces, life in the outdoors and the sound of the Scandinavian languages. I’m also drawn to the simplicity of design and the way of living in these countries. So, the decision to study Swedish was a logical step for me.

More than 20 years ago, I began my career in the field of translation. After working for various translation agencies, coordinating assignments between translator and client, I set out in 2005 with my own translation business.

I have translated extensively myself, including assignments of a medical, legal, and even governmental nature. I continue to translate today, from Swedish, Norwegian and Danish into Dutch.

Where do my strengths lie? In personal contact and in connecting people: finding just the right translator for the assignment. People often say that my communication style is clear and constructive.

Completing the finishing touches for an assignment gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Quality, enjoyment and a pleasant collaboration are always at the forefront of my work.

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The price of a translation depends on the combination of languages, the volume of the text and the timeframe for completing the assignment. After examining the text, I am happy to send you a non-committal quote. You can send the text or documents by email to or contact me by phone 0031681388318 to discuss any questions you might have.

Please feel free to contact me:

Marit Kramer – Scandinavische Vertalingen
Amstelhof 20
2515 XR Den Haag

t: 00316813 88 318

Or fill in this contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.